Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

There are so many online casino games out there to choose from that sometimes it is a bit daunting. One of the best things, however, is when one of them is made from a combination of our favourites to create a double favourite. That’s what happened here with Beetle Bingo Scratch! With a fun twist on a blended version of bingo and online scratch card games, along with cute graphics and entertaining (if slightly disturbing with the pitter patter of buggy footsteps) sound effects, this is definitely one of the best of its genre that is available at our online casino.

Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Online

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Shake up a cup full of creepy crawlies to get the numbers you need to find on your Beetle Bingo Scratch board. Once all 15 of them have crawled out of the jar and gathered in the tube at the bottom of the screen, you can remove the leaves from your three lines on the board and see what numbers you’ve ended up with and what the winning amounts are for each line. And you have the option to either wipe away the leaves one row at a time to build the anticipation, or remove them all at once to get a quicker result; it’s your choice either way.

On top of that, you can also set the bet amount (ranging from $0.50 to $10) and then activate the Auto Play feature for up to 99 rounds and just watch as it runs through one round after another. You can sit with your hands behind your head observing as your bankroll keeps growing and the celebratory music for each win is sounded. So, just to sum it up – you have 15 bugs, three rows and endless winning opportunities with huge cash prizes.

Beetle Bingo Scratch At Mansion Casino Canada

Whether Beetle Bingo Scratch is the right form of betting for you or not, there’s no question that Mansion Casino Canada is the place to be. Within this genre you have an incredible selection that includes additional options like 3 Clowns and A Night Out. Not only that, but there are even other versions that offer a combination of two totally different games like Blackjack Scratch and Classic Slots Scratch. Whenever you’re in the mood to have some fun, stop by and play for free; remember, it doesn’t cost you anything! Then, when you’re feeling that luck is on your side, switch on over to the real money mode and start raking in the dough!