Play Irish Luck Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Everyone knows that at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold, supplied by the local green-thumbed leprechaun. If ever you should be so fortuitous as to make his acquaintance, you will be the happy winner of that plentiful bounty. Well, today must be your birthday, or maybe you wished on a shooting star, whatever you did to make it happen, the pot of gold has come straight to your doorstep! Now you have a chance to track down that feisty leprechaun, and claim your prize when you do by playing the Irish Luck Scratch offs. These online scratch card games are as entertaining as they are profitable, so hurry in now!

Play Irish Luck Scratch Online

Irish Luck Scratch Winnign Tips

It’s days like these that you will be glad there is such a thing as folklore and legends because whoever thought up the leprechaun idea is about to become your best chum for life. That’s because with each round that you play, you have a chance at winning major prizes in the form of cash payouts from our online casino! That is the basis for this version, and this is how it works:

How to Play Irish Luck Scratch

  • Three pots of gold are sitting before you. The fourth pot is just to tell you how much you may have won from this particular round. The three pots standing up stage are the ones to focus on at the moment.
  • Now, the less than friendly leprechaun is hiding among those shiny coins, and it’s your job to fish him out. Click on one of the pots, and the leprechaun will come popping out, amidst a spray of gold coins.
  • If you are right, then you’ll collect the prize amount. What is this? Well, that depends on that fourth pot. The number that comes out of the prize pot is the number that your original wager needs to be multiplied by in order to come to your final and overall earnings amount. All this a bit confusing? You needn’t lose sleep over it all, the computer will make all the calculations for you, and it will add the prize money to your total as well.
  • Play one round at a time, or opt for multiple rounds of Irish Luck Scratch with the auto play option.

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