Play Lotto Madness Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Lotto Madness Scratch off is a totally unique style from all the other online scratch card games that you are used to. From start to finish, there is something different about nearly every aspect, and, if you are the type of punter who enjoys changing things up every now and again, then you are simply going to love this new edition. Get all the details about how to play, and then head straight for our lobby because the excitement is building fast for this great new option at Mansion Casino Canada already!

Play Lotto Madness Scratch Online

How to Play Lotto Madness Scratch

There is nothing familiar about this interesting version. In fact, the Lotto Madness Scratch even looks different! There are three cards instead of just one on the screen, and you can choose to play with one, two or all three if you so please. The more you play with, the better your chances for winning. Start off by choosing a price. This is pretty standard, so you are okay until now. Next, though, is where things get funny. Once you press play, the tube at the top of the screen will start to fill up with numbered balls. These are the numbers that you are going to have to match up to get the win. It’s not as confusing as it might sound. Most of these style online casino games have symbols that you want to find on the squares in order to create a match. In the Lotto Madness Scratch offs, these symbols have been replaced by the numbers.

Lotto Madness Scratch Bonus Features

The rest is actually pretty similar to other versions. You can play manually by clearing away each square. If this is tedious for you (especially with three times the squares you are used to), you can play auto play. Something else that is different about the Lotto Madness Scratch offs is that there are two bonus symbols to enjoy. The stack of cash will award you with an automatic payout in addition to any of the matching numbers that you score. This is an extra cash prize that has nothing to do with the balls above the screen. If the stacks of cash appear, you win! The other bonus symbol is the wheel of fortune. If this one shows up, a bonus round begins. The wheel will spin, and whatever number it stops at is the number that will multiply your earnings by. It’s just another way to make your experience at our online casino fun, so stop by today!