Play Pink Panther Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

No-one can scratch like a cat, so when you’re playing Pink Panther Scratch at our online casino, you’ll feel pretty feline yourself.

Play Pink Panther Scratch Online

This version, like all online scratch card games, is all about scratching to get winning combinations and hitting the jackpot prize. There’s no skill involved in this gambling option, it’s all about pure luck and pure fun!

Since pink is the new black, you don’t get better than this famous comical character, who’s been entertaining the world for decades. Join this wiry panther, the bungling Inspector Clouseau and the mysterious little man on your screen and see what prizes are waiting under the surface for you.

How To Play Pink Panther Scratch

To play Pink Panther Scratch is as simple as you would imagine – simply set your card price and then play! It’s as simple as that! There are a couple of other options you could try if you want to, such as swapping out the cards that this famous cat is offering you, or even playing on Auto-play. If you choose Auto-play, you can set how many cards you want the system to automatically play for you. But if you decide that your fingers are itching to do the scratching themselves, then just press the Stop button and the feature will be de-activated.

If you choose the regular play option, then you’ll get to choose the card you want to play next. So even though it is up to lady luck, you still have a hand in determining your fortune.

Now once your chosen card is brought up on your screen, you have another choice – are you going to do each square manually (there are 9 of them) or choose the Scratch All button? Again, it’s all a matter of how involved you want to be in the excitement, because the result will be the same.

Each card is made up of 9 squares with paw prints from you-know-who on them. Scratch each one away to reveal what picture is underneath. You’ll come across a paint can, a magnifying glass, more paw prints, Clouseau, little man and the main cat himself. Three of a kind of any of the 3 main characters will pay you out according to the paytable, with Pink Panther paying you out the most generous prize of all, which is 15,000 times your total bet.

More Ways To Win With Pink Panther Scratch

There are also a couple of fun extra features. If you spell P-I-N-K in the box on top of your screen, you’ll win 8x your overall wager, and if you land the safe symbol, you can win up to 3 free cards. You’ll get a letter to spell out the word for the Pink Bonus each time you land 3 of a kind of the paw prints.

The Pink Panther is the coolest cat in town, and so will you be when you strike it lucky in Pink Panther Scratch! When you got an itch to win, you know what you gotta do! Simply join Mansion Casino Canada and come take your pick from the huge selection of online casino games that we have waiting for you.