Play Santa Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

See what Father Christmas has in store for you when you play Santa Scratch. In this game he doesn’t care whether its winter, summer, spring or fall, because you can play and win all year round! All you need to do is create your account at our casino online and start scratching!

Play Santa Scratch Online

The theme is set in the North Pole, where Father Christmas is seeing who is naughty and nice and dishing out gifts galore! The background is snow-covered and the cards themselves are decorated with exquisite snowflakes. And the symbols will get you ho-ho-ho-ing because they are full of so much cheer! There are brightly coloured stockings, reindeer, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, gifts, candles, a northern star and Santa himself for you to uncover. Everything you need to have a very festive season.

Playing Santa Scratch

To win at Santa Scratch all you need to do is rub on the squares to reveal three Santas in a row. When this happens you’ll feel very jolly indeed because you’ll win big prizes! The amount of cash you win depends on how much you wager, so set your card value to the max, and you’ll win the biggest rewards.

To rub away to reveal prizes you can either do it yourself by clicking on each square in the 3x3 grid, or you can click on the Scratch All button for the system to do it for you. Gone are the days of scrambling in your purse for a loonie!

If your fingers need a rest from scratching, don’t stop playing. All you need to do is set the mode to Autoplay for as many rounds as you wish, and it will all be done for you. The prizes are still yours for the keeping, you just don’t have to do any of the work!

If you’re a player who prefers being more involved in your casino games online, then you can scratch the squares yourself, and you can even shuffle the cards to let lady luck know that she’s not in charge.

At the end of the day, it won’t really matter how you choose to play because the result is the same – big payouts in your bankroll!

Winning At Santa Scratch

When you do land those 3 Father Xmas’s in a row, the lights will start flashing and the screen will come alive. But you don’t even need these bells and whistles to get your adrenaline flowing, because the number at the top of your screen showing how much money you’ve won is reason enough for you to jump up and down in excitement.

If you’re a fan of scratch card games online with fun and fabulous themes like Santa Scratch, then head on over to the scratch arena at Mansion Casino Canada and make your choice!