Play The Mummy Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

The Mummy Scratch will spook you as much as it will delight you, because this ancient mummy is in no mood to be disturbed by treasure hunters. But as frightening as he looks, you’ll still find yourself hoping to uncover his tomb in this version, because he’ll pay you out 1,000 times your total bet! But this is only if you scratch and match 3 of him. That’s right, three of these gruesome tomb-dwellers are what you’ll need, but fear not, because Rick O’Connell is on the grid too. In fact, all the well-known characters, good and bad, from this famous Hollywood movie are under the squares. Rick will pay you out 50 times your overall bet and Evelyn will multiply your total bet by 20. There are 3 other symbols, also of characters from the film, and they’ll pay you out too, although smaller amounts.

Play The Mummy Scratch Online

More About The Mummy Scratch

From the moment your screen opens up with The Mummy Scratch, you’ll be drawn into the theme with the music in the background. Then once you scratch and reveal, the images will flash within the squares, making you feel like you’re in the movie.

Three of a kind is your goal in The Mummy Scratch and when this happens you can win big multipliers of your total bet. There is even a thrilling bonus round, which is activated by revealing one bonus symbol anywhere on the grid. This symbol is the logo of the game and in the bonus round you’ll get to pick a tomb to reward you with a cash payout.

Playing The Mummy Scratch

Like with most scratch card games online, playing is very straightforward. Simply set your card price by clicking plus or minus, and then choose Play or Auto Play, which will get the system to play for you on auto-pilot. You can customize this auto-pilot by setting the number of rounds that you want it to run for.

If you go the Play route, you can still automate playing to some extent by choosing the Scratch All option, instead of manually clicking on each of the nine squares. You don’t even need to click to a paytable screen as all the symbols are conveniently located right around your card.

The Mummy Scratch is just one of the casino games online in this ancient Egyptian tomb-raiding theme. You can visit our casino online, sign up and check out the full menu of gambling options first-hand. If you enjoyed this version, then you’ll be equally as entranced by the slots version by the same name. Unleash the curse of this mummified tomb-dweller and uncover his hidden treasures!