Play The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Back in the 1970’s, Bionic Man was a television hit. He was also known as the $6m man because he was reconstructed after a government plane crash and all his expensive extra bits gave him super-powers. You can relive this classic show by playing The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch and can get some extra powers for yourself.

Play The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Online

Tips at The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch

This version is quite different from the other scratch card games online because you need to choose four squares to scratch from the 3x3 grid. In other words, you don’t get to reveal all 9 squares, so you are playing more of a role in whether or not you win. Generally, these types of casino games online are all up to lady luck, but in The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch you are determining your own fate by making a choice.

Your aim is to get a match of 3 out of your 4 symbols, so it’s quite a challenge. But with the Bionic Man on your side, you’re sure to come out the winner.

The whole screen is in this Bionic theme with computers and gadgets being the background. But in all this hi-tech gadgetry you’ll see all the regular buttons. You can set your card price by pressing on the plus or minus buttons which are found on the dashboard. Then choose to play in regular mode or Auto Play mode. If you go with Auto Play, you can decide for how many rounds you want this feature to run from 10 to 50 rounds.

Scratch those squares at super-speed by pressing the Auto Scratch button, which is found on the dashboard too. This will make things run even faster for you, almost as fast as Bionic Man himself, but it does take away a bit of the anticipation and excitement from choosing the four squares yourself. Once you’ve rubbed away your chosen squares, the remaining five will reveal themselves so you can see which symbols you missed out on. Just another way to keep the adrenaline levels going!

Winning With The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch

If you do get a matching threesome, then be prepared for an explosion on your screen! The lights will start flashing, music will play and a laser beam with engrave the words ‘You Win’ across the screen.

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch is a huge hit at our online casino Canada and if you get into the game, you will be sure to win some major payouts.