Play Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch is all about the legends of the soccer field. We’ve got them all, from so many different countries – Pele, Platini, Muller, George Best, Bobby Charlton and many more. If soccer is your thing, you’ll know that these names are a big deal, because these soccer players are legends of our time.

Play Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch Online

Even if you’re not hooked on soccer, you’ll love Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch because it’s full of big payouts. Being one of the games in the Top Trumps series gives this version that stamp of excellence that this brand of casino games is well known for.

Playing Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch

The way to play is simple. All you need to do is match one, just one, of the six squares in the card grid to the symbol in the Prize medallion to the left of the grid. This symbol changes with each round so you’ll never know what you’re getting, and you’ll never know how much you can win because the amount changes depending on the symbol. As we mentioned, the symbols themselves are all of famous soccer stars throughout history.

Once you’ve selected your card price by clicking on the plus or minus signs at the bottom of your screen, you’ll be good to go. Just like with any of our other online scratch card games, all that’s left to do is to play. Simply press the Play button and then scratch away! If you want your computer to do is for you, then you can choose Scratch All as your playing option. This takes away the task of clicking on each square to scratch away the surface.

If you want to go the full automated route, then choose Auto Play instead of Play. You’ll get to choose for how many rounds the system should stay on auto-pilot, but you can also always stop this setting at any point by clicking on the Stop button.

Top Tricks at Trumps Football Legends Scratch

You’ll feel like a star yourself when you play Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch and win. You can only score if you jump right in, so play in free mode and then switch to real money mode as soon as you feel comfortable on the playing field. This shouldn’t take too long at all because Top Trumps Football Legends Scratch is as straightforward and rewarding as they come!

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