Play Blackjack Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with gambling establishments and cards has probably played their fair share of 21. We have all seen it played in the movies by some dapper guy, dressed to the nines with a pretty lady on his arm. In some cases, major fortunes and even global business transactions are won or lost with the simple flip of a few cards. The history of this gaming staple goes back hundreds of years and has versions on almost every continent. Now, you can ‘walk’ into any online casino and play a few hands of 21 without even leaving your house. You’ve even seen this as a version of slot machines. At Mansion Casino Canada, we believe in being on the cutting edge of the world of online casino games, so we are happy to bring you one of our new online scratch card games, Blackjack Scratch!

Play Blackjack Scratch Online

Enjoy Blackjack Scratch Online

Who could ever have imagined when 21 one was first thought of, that hundreds of years later that would be this thing called the internet where people ‘go’ to talk, hang out, meet new people and even gamble for the chance to win real money? Technology has brought us to the point where we don’t even think about how cool it is and how lucky we are to be able to use it on a daily basis. Now that it is here – take advantage of it and enjoy a few hands of Blackjack Scratch from the comfort of your favourite easy chair.

How To Win In Blackjack Scratch

When you first ‘sit down’ at this particular table, you will notice that it is laid out just as you would expect any 21 table to be set. There are three seats at the table and all of them are just for you. In the upper right hand corner you will see the dealer’s shoe (no, not that kind of shoe); this is where the cards are dealt to the table. The dealer’s hand is in the top, center of the screen and the discard pile is off to the left. In order to get things going, you will have to choose the size of the bet you want to play on each card. Next, hit the deal button and the cards will come swooping down to land at your spots on the table. This is where things change up a bit. In Blackjack Scratch you won’t have to decide whether to hit or stay since those options are not available in this style of 21. Instead, you simply wipe away the hidden card at each hand and see what your total is as well as your potential win for the hand or your multiplier. Once you have revealed all of your hidden cards, you move on to the dealer’s hand and see if you beat him. It’s that simple and even more fun! Want to speed up the rounds? Just choose Auto Play and you can let it go on its own up to 50 times.