Play Dolphin Cash Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

This next edition to our exciting lineup is really making a splash around here! The Dolphin Cash Scratch offs feature that friendly, flippered fellow who everyone is a fan of and some hardcore moolah to go along with that cute mug. Dive right into the action at Mansion Casino Canada today, and see what it’s all about.

Play Dolphin Cash Scratch Online

How to Play Dolphin Cash Scratch

Dolphin Cash Scratch is a lighthearted option from our online casino that gives you a taste and a feel for the deep blue ocean without ever leaving your flat. The music, the colour scheme and the icons all create the effect of playing on the water, and that’s a lot of fun for most people. Start out playing the Dolphin Cash Scratch offs by setting the price for each round. The nice thing is that you needn’t spend a lot to have plenty of entertainment. Any amount will do. Now decide how many rows you want to open up, and click on the corresponding rows. Now press play, and you are ready to roll!

Dolphin Cash Scratch Special Features

As with all of our online casino games, Dolphin Cash Scratch has a few neat features that are going to make your entire experience here a pleasure. Here is a rundown of the best ones:

  • Auto Play feature: This let’s the fun keep rolling even when you aren’t around. You just input a wager amount, click on the number of rounds you want the machine to generate, and let’er rip! The system will automatically refill the icons each time, and it will adjust your current balance according to the wins and wagers of each round. This is a great feature if you enjoy playing several rounds in succession, and it also gives you the flexibility to grab a bite to eat while the winnings keep rolling in!
  • Max Cards: The Max feature may not be the most brilliant piece of technology out there, but it certainly makes life easier, and isn’t that always a welcomed bonus? Notice that there are five possible online scratch card games that you can play at any given round. If you want to activate a certain one, you simply click on that row, and it will be activated. If you are the type of player, though, that knows he is going to go for the gold, just click Max to select all the possible rounds at once. It’s as easy as that; five times the fun!