Play Football Mania Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Crazy about the sport of soccer? Then dive into this fantastic edition called Football Mania Scratch today at our stupendous online casino! It’s got everything you could want from a match, and it doesn’t depend on the season or time of the year. You can play it all day, every day, and then come back for more, so let’s get started!

Play Football Mania Scratch Online

Football Mania Scratch Setup

The Football Mania Scratch offs have a lot going for them, and even if this is your first time playing this sort of gambling entertainment, you can easily have a blast. First let’s talk about the layout of the board. The whole screen is set up like a day at the stadium, and what a day for a soccer match! The sky is as blue as blue ever was, the grass couldn’t get any greener, and the stands are packed to the gills with excited fans ready to root for their favourite teams. The logo is on the left top corner to remind you where you are at all times, and a subtle blimp rides back and forth constantly telling you just how much you can make on a round of the Football Mania Scratch offs.

The instructions stand to the left, while the prize feature is a soccer ball, of course. The playing area is a green-toned grid soccer balls covering each square. The style is similar to the Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World, Top Trumps Celebs and the Pharaoh’s Kingdom online scratch card games in that all of these version have a six square setup instead of a nine or 16 square design. All the symbols play beautifully into this theme as well. You’ll find flags and goal posts, cleats and gloves, referee jersey’s and whistles, team players and, of course, trophies as well.

How to Play Football Mania Scratch

The actions are even simpler than rooting for your home team. You just select the value you want to shell out for the round. This could be half a unit or ten units, it doesn’t matter as long as you are having a good time! Now you can push play; it’s the way to begin most good online casino games. That is, unless you have discovered the secret to easy playing without straining your fingers. All you need to do is hit that auto play option, and you’ll be sitting pretty while the machine does your work for you! Come play your favourite sport with us today!