Play Gladiator Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Standing up for what you think is right isn’t always a simple feat. Whether you are a five year old kid on the school playground or a grown man fighting for his honour, there is a lot at stake, and losing can have fierce consequences. That is the dramatic background story for the great movie that starred Russell Crowe. Well, the film was such a success, that the great minds behind all of our online casino games decide this would be a fabulous opportunity for punters everywhere to enjoy two things they love so much. And that’s when the Gladiator Scratch offs were born! Now it’s your turn to enjoy all the excitement, adventure and rewards when you play today.

Play Gladiator Scratch Online

Gladiator Scratch Features

The Gladiator Scratch offs have a bold and exhilarating flavour. The colour scheme has a golden hue, and the stage is set again the coliseum and a setting sun. The characters, all familiar faces from the film that you will no doubt enjoy if you have seen it already, are lined up along the left side. This is the pay chart, and it will show you how much each icon is worth in the even of a win. The playing board is set to the right of the screen, with the star of the show standing bold and brilliant in centre stage, weapon ready to fight.

How to Play Gladiator Scratch

In terms of playing, the Gladiator Scratch offs act much like most of our online scratch card games. You set the price amount according to your budget, and then you press play. Alternatively, there is the auto play feature, a functionality that allows gamblers the leisure of sitting by as the rounds get played out automatically without constant interruptions. There is the availability to play anywhere between ten and 50 rounds automated, so tailor the session to fit your style.

Getting three of the same character either right to left or up to down will award you with the cash, and you can win up to 1000 units straight up. Then there is the bonus icon, the fierce helmet, that is worth a whopping 5000 coins! Hit this icon, and you’ll be walking away with the hefty sum in your pocket and a smile on your face for sure! There is never a better time than now to enjoy the Gladiator Scratch offs and other thrilling adventures, so set your scope on our online casino, and have a ball now!