Play Kong Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Ready for some rumble in the jungle action? Then get into the Kong Scratch off now! These online scratch card games are as exciting as you can imagine, and they’re chocked full of all the greatest faces from the movie you loved. So let’s head into the rain forest for an adventure like never before!

Play Kong Scratch Online

Kong Scratch Setup

The Kong Scratch offs are set up against a tropical setting, with lush greenery hanging down across the board and the fearsome ape stands on guard in all his terrifying glory. All the necessary information is found printed across the screen as well. You have the major bonus win of up to 10K, along with the instructions at the bottom corner. The function buttons all rest at the very bottom of the screen, and we’ll go through some to clarify those for you.

Kong Scratch Special Features

Now that you know what you are looking at, we can talk about how things work around here. The Kong Scratch offs have a slightly different mechanism than you might be used to. If you’ve been playing the usual nine-square grid, where you have to match up three of the same symbol to score a win, then this will feel a little different, and rightly so. For one thing, there are only six squares, so you are already dealing with a varied playing field. There is also no pay chart to speak of, as you have probably already noticed. What is important for you to focus on is that circle to the left of the playing field. The way to win these online casino games is to match the symbol that appears on the circle with any of the six squares to the right of it. If you can manage that, you will walk away with the winning amount that is revealed below the circle. This is a fun and exciting variation from what you might be used to, so enjoy the novelty.

Kong Scratch Functions

As for the buttons on the bottom, you need to know about a few of them.

  • The value is for you to set, so choose an amount that works for you.
  • The shuffle option lets you get a new card if you want it.
  • The auto play function allows you to set a number of rounds that will be played out automatically for you.
  • The play button is what makes all the magic begin!

The Kong Scratch offs are just the beginning. See all the fun at our online casino now!