Play Love Match Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Waiting for romance to strike? Well maybe we can help give it a jumpstart with this next version of gambling fun. Our Love Match Scratch offs feature two of the cutest cherubs around, and they’re ready to help you win the object of your affection in no time. These chubby Cupids will give you a crash course in romance with all the icons that they have stashed on the board, and you’ll be wining and dining your perfect someone in no time at all! So get in here, and let’s start making some amore!

Play Love Match Scratch Online

Love Match Scratch Icons

The Love Match Scratch has everything a woman could ever want to be gifted with by her prospective beau. The board icons include things like heart-shaped balloons and cuddly teddy bears, lollypops with hearts and champagne, multicoloured gifts and notes with romantic intentions scribbled across the pages, and even blooming roses delivered to your doorstep. The two cherubs, though, are your real winning symbols because these guys are the ones that will score you the wins. To win at these online scratch card games, you’ll need to line up three angels in a row, and that might be more challenging than you would think. When it happens, though, you are given a hot at winning up to 100K coins! That’s certainly worth the wait if you ask us.

How to Play Love Match Scratch

All you need to do to play is choose a value for that round. This can change easily if you feel the need, so don’t put any pressure on yourself on this account. After pressing play, the icons will be ready for you to come and find them. Clear away each one at a time, and you’ll see the pictures below. There is another option that allows you to wipe away the whole front at one time, instead of waiting on one icon at a time. This is a faster method, but there is an even faster way to win these online casino games. When you choose to use the auto play, you can line up multiple rounds at one time. There is a pretty wide range in terms of how many rounds you can play and there is always the ability to stop the auto play function at any time, so you won’t be committed to play anything you don’t want to.

Romance is in the air all the time at our online casino, so come find your heart’s desire today!