Play Rocky Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Become a online scratch card games champion by playing round after round of Rocky Scratch at Mansion Casino Canada.

Play Rocky Scratch Online

Show the stuff you’re made of by uncovering some incredible payouts. You don’t even need to train or throw around any punches in this gambling option. It’s more up to luck than skill, and you can even hang up your boxing gloves, because dexterous fingers to scratch with are more useful than cumbersome gloves in this game.

More About Rocky Scratch

Rocky Scratch is based on the legendary movie about boxing champion Rocky Balboa, so as you would expect you’ll be in the ring with his main competitors, Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang. All fiercesome-looking but all totally beatable in this version!

First things first, though, before you come up against these brutes. If you’re going to step into the ring with any of these guys, you better make it worth your while. So set your card price for the maximum before you start playing. Even though you’ll be betting more, you’ll be winning a whole lot more too!

Once this small formality is out the way, it’s playtime! Press the Play button and then either pick one of the 3 cards (each shows one of the competitors) or press Auto Pick to have one chosen for you. This feature will let you auto-play for up to 50 rounds, but why let a machine reveal your fate when you can? Scratching on a fighter will start a boxing round between Mr. Balboa and the other fighter. A knockout by Balboa will win you up to 5,000 times your overall wager, but if he’s punched around, you won’t win any cash at all.

Why Rocky Scratch Is Such A Hit

The beauty of Rocky Scratch is that after you rub out the top layer of your chosen card, you’ll get to watch a live punching clip straight from the movie, either showing Balboa winning or a competitor.

Fans of this type of gambling enjoy Rocky Scratch for its simplicity and entertainment value. It’s also a big payer, so if you’re looking to play without having to learn many rules at all, then this is for you.

Reminisce the good old days when Sly Stallone was at the peak of his boxing movie career when you play this version. And if you want to experience some more movie action through online casino games, then come check out all the options that we have in our casino online.