Play Roulette Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Roulette Scratch is a fantastic gambling option for those players who enjoy the classic Roulette table game and also for those who love the thrill of the scratch card. There’s something for everyone in this version so sign up to our casino online to give Roulette Scratch a spin.

Play Roulette Scratch Online

What Is Roulette Scratch All About

Your screen will resemble a Roulette table with a very realistic-looking wheel so you’ll almost feel like you’re on the casino floor. There are two areas to scratch, which makes it different from other online scratch card games. The area to the right of your screen shows a grid displaying ‘Bets’ and ‘Prize’ as the two columns and then a couple of rows showing Games 1-5.

When you start playing, this grid will be rubbed off, revealing numbers under the ‘Bets’ column and prize values in C$ under the ‘Prize’ column. And this is where it really gets interesting, because what does this all mean?

If you take a look at the Roulette wheel to the left of your screen you’ll see that it’s been magically rubbed away too! That is, if you’ve chosen the easier Scratch All option. If, however, you’ve opted to do all the manual work yourself, then you’ll be the one scratching off the wheel. When the wheel has been revealed, you’ll see where the little white ball is sitting. If it’s sitting on a number that matches one of your numbers in the ‘Bets’ column of the grid, then you’ll be a lucky winner! The amount you win is the corresponding prize value in the ‘Prize’ column. Now isn’t this a really fun twist?!

How To Play Roulette Scratch

To actually set the game in motion, all you need to do is set your card value. Then there are a number of different choices you have to make. Will you reshuffle the cards? Will you play for yourself or go the Auto Play route? Will you scratch the playing area yourself or let the system do it for you? Whichever choices you make, know that you’re in for an incredible time playing this age-old gambling favourite in a completely unique way.

Roulette Scratch is one of those casino games online with widespread appeal and a fun theme that will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you feel like you need a break from the fast-paced action and strategic thinking of the traditional table game, then head on over to Roulette Scratch and enjoy raking in the rewards.