Play Top Trumps Celebs Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

You wouldn’t believe all the A-listers that will be right in your living room when you play Top Trumps Celebs Scratch! You’ll get up close and personal with the likes of Britney Spears, George Clooney, Madonna, Sean Connery and loads more celebrities in this star-studded scratch card. It’s like having your very own Hollywood Walk of Fame, with stars from the movie and music industry, from the sports field and the catwalk, just waiting to shower you with riches.

Play Top Trumps Celebs Scratch Online

Enough of all this drama? Well, this is Hollywood after all, so get ready for lots of glitz and glam and incredible earnings and start playing Top Trumps Celebs Scratch.

Playing Top Trumps Celebs Scratch

This is how money is made in tinsel town – look good, have fun, put on a good show and the rest is history! To make money with Top Trumps Celebs Scratch, you’ll need all of the above too, minus looking good, because since you’re playing from your own home, you can even be sitting in your most comfortable pajamas! Having fun is a must, because that’s what these scratch card games online are all about (plus the money aspect of course!). And as for putting on a good show, this all depends on how involved you want to be. Either you can do it all yourself by clicking on each square, or you can leave it all up to the system to do by clicking on Scratch All. You can take this automation even one step further and choose Auto Play, which you can set to run for up to 50 rounds. But before you do any of this, you’ll want to select your card price by clicking on the plus or minus button.

How To Win At Top Trumps Celebs Scratch

So how do you make money with Top Trumps Celebs Scratch? All you need to do is have a symbol on your card that matches the symbol to the left of the grid. When this happens, you’ll win however much cash it tells you on that symbol that you need to match to. The symbol is always a picture of one of the stars, so whoever is shown on this symbol will need to also show up on your card. There are 6 squares in this grid, so hopefully you can reveal the right symbol from these 6 squares.

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