Play Winners Club Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Winners Club Scratch is not one of the scratch card games online that you’ll come across very often. Yes, on the outside it may appear very ordinary but appearances can be deceiving, because this game has a feature that makes it extra-ordinary.

Play Winners Club Scratch Online

Winners Club Scratch is a progressive version, meaning that players will stand a chance to earn a huge progressive jackpot prize! You never could have imagined that this type of gambling option would be linked to a progressive jackpot but Playtech has done it again and created a winner!

About Winners Club Scratch

If you’ve never played for a progressive jackpot before in one of our other types of casino games, then you’ll be in for even more of a treat! You’ll be amazed at how big the progressive prize can get. Because the prize is a pool of a percentage of all players’ bets, it keeps on growing as players all over the world place bets on Winners Club Scratch. To be eligible for this incredible prize, you need to be playing the Gold or Platinum cards of the game.

There are 4 levels you can play – Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Classic and Silver are the regular tickets, which still pay out big rewards, but don’t offer the progressive prize. In fact, even the Classic level is so rewarding that on average every second card pays out.

The cards themselves look like your standard ticket that you would buy at the convenience store in that it has just a plain 3x3 grid, a serial number and a price. There are no bells and whistles and no special effects or graphics, but there are big payouts!

To win, you’ll want to reveal 3 matching money values. There’s no picture or symbol under each square, just different money amounts. But although this doesn’t make for a very stimulating or exciting playing experience on the surface, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat because the earnings come so often!

But the real excitement lies in the Gold and Platinum levels because of the progressive jackpot. Don’t miss out on the chance to earn the prize of a lifetime by not going for gold. The wager may be higher, but the reward makes it well worth your while.

And this version isn’t completely up to chance, because you’ll either get to choose one of the 10 tickets offered to you, or else you can refresh for 10 new tickets. This lets you play a hand in whether or not you have paying tickets.

How To Play Winners Club Scratch

To play you’ll then either set it to Auto Play for as many rounds as you wish, or else you can click on Buy Ticket to set the game in motion for yourself. Either click on each square to reveal the prize for yourself, or choose to Scratch All for the more automated option.

However you choose to play, the result will be the same – you holding the paying ticket time and time again! Come play Winners Club Scratch at our Mansion Casino Canada online casino and become the envied winner of the massive progressive jackpot prize.