Play Alchemist’s Lab Slots Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Alchemist’s Lab is a fun game and is a favorite of our players. The Classic single line slots game comes with three reels. It has outstanding graphics and animation features. A host of interesting symbols along with a bonus feature makes Alchemist’s Lab a must-play game on Mansion Casino Canada.

Play Alchemist's Lab Slots Online

Features of Alchemist’s Lab

The screen layout of the game is unique. The pay-tables in the game look similar to spell books. To place a bet, you have click on fire bellows. Choose one among three displayed on the game window. You can access information regarding current wins and bets through conical flasks on the game-screen.

The symbols present on the reels are also unique. Some of the symbols include, gold coins, rings and beakers of various shapes. In addition to these symbols, the reels also contain special symbols - alchemists’ books. On getting three of these special features in a row, you will qualify for a special bonus game.

The bonus game comes with interesting features. The key objective of the bonus game is to click on 3 bottles. On doing so, you receive prizes based on the bottles that you choose. If you like playing Alchemist’s Lab, you may also have a good time playing other online casino games like Party Line and Reel Classic 3 on Mansion Casino Canada.

Getting Started with Alchemist’s Lab

To play Alchemists Lab on our online casino site, all you have to do is download the software and create a real money account. On doing so, the site gives you access to a host of classic single line online slots.