Play American Dad Online Slots at Mansion Casino Canada

Spin the reels with the first family of Langley Falls, Virginia. Based off one of the funniest animated families on TV, American Dad is a jam packed online slot game at Mansion Casino Canada. You can start playing for real money by downloading the casino online software, or try out the Flash based casino from your web browser.

The 40 payline online slot game has a lot to offer when it comes to winning money. With 5 bonus features and great payouts, this is a game that you won’t want to miss.

Symbols and Bonuses in the American Dad Online Slot Game

If you’ve ever watched American Dad on TV then you should be familiar with the high value symbols used in the game. Each family member has their own symbol with Stan claiming the top payout spot. Roger, the pet alien, is a wild symbol, which is very fitting based on his character.

There is a bonus symbol called the Shmooblydong Bonus Wheel which can be used to trigger the 5 bonus features. When that Shmooblydong Bonus Wheel lands on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels the bonus features will be triggered. The bonus games all include free spins, but other than that each has it’s own unique twist.

  1. Stacking Stan – Your odds of winning big are increased when a stacked Stan symbol is added to the board
  2. Roger’s Random Wilds – Everyone knows that Roger drinks too much, but in this bonus his sickness is your gain, as he will vomit extra wilds all over the reels.
  3. Francine’s Holy Grail – Francine and Klaus, former CIA agent turned goldfish, are in search for the Holy Grail. As they traverse the board they can land on fish patches that will turn Francine into an expanding wild.
  4. Hayley’s Progressive Multiplier – Hayley is the progressive member of the Smith family, and she controls the Progressive Multiplier in this game. At the end of each spin, the multiplier will increase by 1.
  5. Wheels and Legman – The alter egos of Steve and Roger are the crime fighting duo known as Wheels and Legman. Watch as they chase bad guys across the board, leaving a trail of wilds in their dust.

Start Playing American Dad Online Slots for Real Money Today at Mansion Casino Canada

If you’re just trying to get a feel for this online casino game then you can start off playing in Practice Mode at Mansion Casino CA. Once you’re ready to try and win money however, you’ll need to open and account and make a deposit. To help you on your way to winning money, we’ll give you a Welcome Bonus up to $5000.00 to be used when playing American Dad or other popular online casino games that we have to offer.

You don’t want to disappoint Stan Smith, do you? Start playing the American Dad online slot game today.