Play Chinese Kitchen Slots Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Whet your appetite for online slots online casino games with Chinese Kitchen, a 9 reel 8 payline classic video slots game at Mansion Casino Canada. This non-progressive game features a theme based on Chinese delights in the kitchen. In this game, you can wager coins between $0.02 and $20. Each payline allows you to bet a maximum of 3 coins. Overall, you can wager as many as 24 coins in the game. If you opt for Bet Max on 24 coins, you can wager $480 (maximum). The jackpot is valued at $60,000 or 1,000 coins.

Play Chinese Kitchen Slots Online

To land this jackpot, you will have to get the winning combination. This is comprised of three turtles. They will have to appear on an active payline to qualify as a win. The second biggest jackpot requires players to hit three crabs. The third jackpot will payout when a player gets three frogs. Some of the other symbols are ingredients that are found in a typical Chinese kitchen. Duck, octopus, starfish and snail are among them.

Simple Symbols, Great Fun

When compared to other multi-line video slots games like Irish Luck and Cherry Love at Mansion Casino Canada, the game is quite simple. It does not have the scatter or wild symbols that the other games have. Chinese Kitchen also does not have a bonus game round. The stakes offered in it are quite high when compared to most other games in its category. It also has high payouts which makes the game suitable for players new to the game.

Select Chinese Kitchen and Start Playing

To start playing Chinese Kitchen at Mansion Casino Canada online casino, you will have to create an account. Once you do this, deposit money in this account and select the online slots game. You can start wagering by selecting the coin value and number you want to play for. Your chances of landing the best jackpot prize increase with the amount of money you wager.