Play Kong the Eighth Wonder Slots Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Based on the wildly acclaimed Universal Studios movie that came out in 2005, Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World is a fantastically thrilling casino online slots game that takes the sound effects, images and music directly from the movie itself! With online casino games like this available, you’ll be glued to your seat; whether from fright or excitement, well, that’s your decision to make.

Play Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World Slots Online

All About Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World starts with an awesome intro in HD, straight from the movie, which sets the stage for the incredible game play to follow. Right off the bat, this game differentiates itself from others by the simple fact that it has two different game modes; Big City mode and Jungle mode. In each one, you are essentially playing an altered version not recognizable as the same game. With different bonuses (City Tower in Big City and Skull Island in Jungle), different backgrounds and even different symbols, you can keep things new and fresh at all times.

The five reels and 20 paylines available in each mode offer double the play, and therefore double the chances of winning. Among the symbols are Hollywood stars Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann and Jack Black, all of which net you very high payouts and when triggered, play actual scenes from the 2005 movie on which the game is based.

How to Beat Kong The Eighth Wonder Of The World

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