Play Penguin Vacation Slots Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Penguin Vacation has got to be one of the most adorable online slots machine ever. Who doesn’t have a secret obsession over those zany and loveable black and white creatures who can’t make up their mind whether they live in the water or on the land? It’s obviously no secret that we do, and we are pretty sure you will want to adopt one of these critters too after you’ve played this entertaining edition in our casino online slots collection. Give it a whirl today!

Play Penguin Vacation Slots Online

Penguin Vacation features a mother, father and baby bird of the flightless persuasion taking a little holiday of their own. Their dream spot destination is Mansion Casino Canada (of course), and they’ve got all the trappings to make for a relaxing retreat. The screen is covered with icicles, snowflakes and a general feeling of chilliness; just the locale for these folks to enjoy their time off!

Penguin Vacation Symbols

Now for the reel images. What would you bring on holiday if you were a bird who lived in the North Pole? Well, plenty of frosty treats, a funny hat to wear while you go ice fishing and your sled so that you can enjoy the wintery slopes at full speed, of course! Yes, these are all the important icons you’ll find when you play the Penguin Vacation reels. Frostbitten luggage, fish pops, and a proud mom and dad snapping close ups keep the screen fully occupied at all times. But we’ve managed to squeeze in some room for specialty symbols as well. Take a look.

Penguin Vacation Specialty Icons

Junior is the wild card, and he is free falling down the icy slides of an exciting holiday ride. He is also sliding into place to help you secure winning combinations all over the place! The scatter symbol is represented by a fishing hold. You really want to score at least three of these because that combo is going to open up the bonus round. Papa likes nothing more than sitting back with his fishing rod and relaxing on the ice as he waits for the tug on his line that means dinner is coming to him. That’s why the bonus round is played out around some frozen fishing holes. So what is so exciting about an extra level anyway? Well, maybe it is the fact that you can earn up to 33 complimentary spins from this one round? If that weren’t enough, you’ll also have a chance to earn up to 15 times the value of your score during these online casino games! Isn’t it time you went on a Penguin Vacation of your own?