Play Progressive Online Slots

Ever played online slots wishing for additional ways to make extra money? Yes, making winning combinations is always nice, but there has to be another way, a bigger way to add money to your bankroll, right?! Of course there is, you just have to play the Progressive Slots games at Mansion Casino Canada. Progressive slots have an additional jackpot that can either be triggered randomly or if you get a certain symbol combination. When you play these slot games, a percentage of each bet goes to the growing jackpot. Once it is won, it goes back to its original amount and starts climbing up and up and up again! Will you be the lucky player who wins it?

Tips and Tricks for Progressive Slots

In order to try for the jackpot with Progressive Slots, there are three main tips and tricks you need to add to your strategy.

Always Use the Bet Max Option. Most progressive jackpots require that in order to win the massive prize, you need to be using the Max Bet function, especially for slot machines that necessitate a certain combination of symbols to win the jackpot. If you don’t use the Bet Max feature you will miss out.

Keep All Paylines Active. Going along with the idea that it is a symbol combination that triggers the Max Bet, the last thing you want is to get that symbol combination on a payline that is marked as inactive. It is the worst case scenario that will have you kicking yourself!

Have a Solid Bankroll Strategy. With both of the previous tips, there is one overarching tip you need – have a good bankroll management strategy. Using the Max Bet feature and keeping all paylines active means spending a bit of coin per bet. You need to know exactly how much you want to spend per bet and how long the money will last you.

Play Progressive Slots At MansionCasino

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about Progressive Slots – you need to open a real money account at our online casino to fully enjoy this style of online casino games. Because of the high jackpot prize, these machines are meant primarily for those who are playing with actual cash, and not in our free mode, as then you won’t be eligible for the jackpot. We make it very simple to sign up for a real money account, all transactions are safe and secure. Not only that, but we also offer great welcome bonuses when you sign up! Come play all our favourites right now and really look for a way to beef up your bankroll!