Play Skazka Slots Online at Mansion Casino Canada

If you grew up in a Western-thinking culture, then fairytales have a specific connotation to you. There are plenty of fairies, loads of princesses and an abundance of happily ever afters. This is not the case, however, if you are of an Eastern-minded society. Anyone who has read the Brother’s Grimm tales, for example, knows that, more often than not, there is no happy ending. These stories were written for illustrative purposes, and frequently, the tales were too graphic for young listeners. The Russian varieties, known as Skazka, have a particularly rich and deep flavour, and these tales are the basis for our next entertaining online slots machine. Come let us spin you a tale of wonderment, excitement, and, as always, huge prizes!

Play Skazka Slots Online

Skazka Symbols

Skazka is the compendium of traditional Russian folklore, and these tales vary from frog princess to terrifying three-headed dragons and more. The symbols on the reels all have to do with one story or another. While Online Casino Canada won’t have time to go into the background of each of these fables, we can give you an idea of what to expect from the rounds. The standard characters include a frog wearing a crown (and a little too much makeup for an amphibian), a fish equally dolled up, a bonny lass in snow gear, and a gallant huntsmen in search of the win. The poker suite is decorated elegantly in attractive designs to fit the theme.

Skazka Specialty Features

Now we can get on with the really exciting elements of these casino games online. The wild card, the symbol that allows you to replace nearly any other symbol for a full set, is a wooden log birdhouse. While the picture may be quaint, the winnings are far from modest. Five of these images will reward you with a huge payout to the tune of ten thousand units! You can feed a lot of blue jays with that cash. The scatter symbol, an icon that doesn’t act like any other, is the terrifying three-headed dragon. Find this symbol, and you can multiply your wins by the value of each set. Three dragons give you five times your wager, for example, while four awards 25 and five a tremendous 250!

At last, you can win yourself 20 complimentary spins from our arena when you discover the freebie symbol on the first and last reels together. When playing these gratis spins, by the way, all wins are doubled, so be the star of your own tale when you play Skazka today!