Play Thrill Seekers Slots Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Get ready for a candy-coloured confection that is sure to delight you, even if you aren’t a punter with a sweet tooth! Thrill Seekers is an online slots machine that offers a truckload of treats in terms of payouts, and the entertainment value is something great as well. You can skip to the head of the line, and enjoy this fabulous rollercoaster of gambling fun today at our top rate remote access club!

Play Thrill Seekers Slots Online

Thrill Seekers Symbols

So you consider yourself one of the Thrill Seekers, do you? Well, let’s just see if your stomach can stand up to the challenge of some of these daring rides. There are rollercoaster riders (keep your eyes open wide), Skull Mountain adventurers and sea-faring voyages to fun and payouts! If your nerves can stand up to these icons, you still have to get through all of the stomach churning goodies that these reels hold. From caramel popcorn, candy floss and ice cream, to sweet candy canes and sugary soft drinks, even if your nerves make it through, your teeth may not!

Thrill Seekers Bonus Features

Enjoy a bonus round when you get three to five mallet bonus symbols, and also collect on the ten freebies when you get at least three scatter ticket icons. Don’t forget the wild and crazy clown card, which is the wild card for this Mansion Casino Canada favourite. Possibly the most exciting aspects of this version, though, have little to do with the actual icons and more to do with the makeup of the reels. If you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll quickly pick up on the Dollar Ball feature that is available on the side. You can choose your own numbers and hope that those are the right digits for victory today.

Finally, the paylines hold an exhilarating challenge of their own. You see, there are actually 50 ways for you to win in this riveting online casino Canada's edition! 50 paylines means you can create tremendous winning combinations in so many different ways. It is almost a guaranteed win every time you play. It is for this reason, the fact that you are able to create winning matches so easily with all the options available to you, that there is a caveat to striking a successful set. Instead of giving you the win just for finding three of a kind, these casino games online require you to get the images in order from left to right. Daunting? Yes, but the challenge is really what the true punters out there live for! So hurry into our arena today, and see if you have what it takes to win!