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Where else would you find a zany bulldog swimming laps in a pool, a sprinting cheetah wearing Spandex, and the most graceful hippo you’ve ever seen doing gymnastics?

Play Wild Games Slots Online

Only at Wild Games will you experience the animal Olympics and watch this unusual mix of animals winning medals for their efforts.

This is a five reel, 25 payline online slots version with a unique theme. You’ve seen Olympic-themed versions, and you’ve experienced animal themed versions like Safari Heat before, but never have you watched a hippo, a leopard and a bulldog participating in an Olympic event!

You’ll be in top form when you spin the reels, as the high-speed motion and the upbeat tunes will psyche you up for the main event, for when you activate the many thrilling bonus rounds!

Wild Games Special Bonus Rounds

Wild Games has many valuable symbols to unlock some phenomenal special features. The wild symbol of this version is the trophy cup, which substitutes for all symbols excluding the three bonus round symbols. These bonus symbols are a gold medal, a silver medal and a bronze medal. To activate this Win a Medal Bonus Round, you’ll need to land at least three of the same type of medal anywhere on the reels. You’ll then get to choose one of these medals and see what cash prize awaits you! There are different cash prize ranges for the different types of medals and according to the number of medals that you landed.

There are three other bonus rounds that you can unlock – the Freestyle Swim Bonus, the 100m Dash Bonus, and the Balance Beam Bonus.

The Freestyle Swim Bonus is activated when you land the swimming bulldog symbol horizontally along the entirety of reel three as a stacked wild. The round will open up to a swimming pool with three bulldogs about to dive in. Choose your preferred bulldog and then the swim race will begin! You’ll earn a gold, silver or bronze medal depending on whether your dog came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the race. You’ll also win eight spins. During these eight spins, the only medal that will show up on the reels will be the medal that your dog just won. A medal landing on the reels will earn you even more spins, the number depending on which type of medal you earned.

The 100m Dash Bonus kicks off when the Cheetah covers the whole of the 3rd reel. Pick your Cheetah from a choice of three and let the race begin! He’ll win a gold, silver or bronze medal, depending on whether he came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the race. And you’ll win eight spins! Whichever medal your Cheetah won will show up in these spins and each one has its own special benefits.

The Balance Beam bonus is activated in the same way as the other two but this time the hippo needs to cover all of reel three. Then, you’ll pick one out of a choice of three balance beam routines. You’ll win eight spins and your routine will be rated by the judges. Your average score will determine the value of your multiplier in the spins round (between 6x and 10x). All this makes it one of the most sought-after casino games around!

Experience Wild Games At Mansion Casino Canada

You’ll love Wild Games because it’s so much fun and there are so many completely unique ways to win prizes through these remarkable bonus features. Come show your athletic and gaming prowess at our online casino Mansion Casino Canada and enjoy other versions like Wild Spirit and Wings of Gold.