Play Sic Bo Table Game Online at Mansion Casino Canada

There’s a reason that the term “rolling the dice” can refer to the outcome of life changing situations – because you can never know just what will come up and regardless of what the results are, they have the potential to be game changing, in one way or another. The same goes when playing Sic Bo; one of the more exciting online table games offered at Mansion Casino Canada, because once you start rolling those dice, you’ll be hard pressed to stop.

Play Sic Bo Table Game Online

Sic Bo Betting Strategy

Sic Bo, a dice game reminiscent of Craps that originated in ancient China is one of our simple online casino games in concept, but it has somewhat complex betting options. We suggest, if you are not familiar with the bets and have not spent a significant amount of time playing this version that you start out in free mode. There is no shame in taking advantage of a system where you get to use our money to play if it will help you get to the point where you can start betting and winning big and that’s exactly the reason we offer it!

So before the three dice are rolled you need to make sure that you’ve determined the best betting strategy for you and choose your bets for that round. There are a number of things to consider when betting but the most important of all is the house edge – this is when the online casino has the advantage on the bet and the higher it is, the bigger the risk to you – the player. In Sic Bo, the house edge ranges from 2.78% to 30% and even higher, so there are some bets that obviously carry a much higher risk than others. Many people suggest that if playing over a longer period of time, the lower house edge bets are more advantageous (bets like Big or Small or odd/even) and that if you are just playing for a few rounds, you should go for the exact opposite (the highest one being the specific triple – where you bet on getting three of the same number).

Place Your Bet at Sic Bo

The amounts of money you can win when playing Sic Bo for real cash are absolutely astounding, and you can just keep betting and rolling over and over again to keep your balance going up. Once you’ve exhausted that option for the night, though, don’t stop – just head on over to the main list of games and choose one of our other, great, money making options!