Play 4-Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

When it comes to card games, there are literally thousands to choose from with variations that can make your head spin. At our online casino, Mansion Casino Canada we want you to be able to feel like a pro the minute you pull up to a virtual table. If you are looking for something to satisfy that craving for a quick and simple game of poker, we have the perfect option just waiting for you in our selection of online casino games – 4-Line Aces and Faces!

Play 4-Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online

What To Look For In 4-Line Aces and Faces

In this version of online video poker, 4-Line Aces and Faces, you are focusing on the Jack, Queen, King and Ace cards and the idea is to get at least a pair using those cards. If a pair is achieved, then you can also get points for second sets or other runs. You’ll start by choosing the value of your chip; as little as a nickel and as much as a five spot. Next you can choose how many chips to place on the line, up to five chips. Once you have set up your bet, go ahead and hit the Deal button to start the round. The first row of cards will be revealed and you will have the option to hold or discard each one before continuing the round. The idea, of course, is to hold onto any face or Ace you may be dealt. Any cards you choose to hold will then fill the column in the same position. Now you are ready to deal again and see how much you have won!

4-Line Aces and Faces Bonus Option

When you play 4-Line Aces and Faces, you still have the familiar winning hands available to you. As long as you end up with at least two pairs or one pair made up of either Aces or face cards, you’re a winner; the better the hand, the higher the winning payout. If you are really feeling lucky, you can even choose to double or half double your winnings; it’s like a mini bonus game after each winning hand. If you decide to try a double or half double, you will be shown a row of five cards with the first one revealed. Once the card is face up, you have to choose one of the remaining cards and try to beat the value on the card shown. If you can do it, you may have just doubled your winnings for the round with a single click of the mouse!