Play 4–Line Deuces Wild Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Playing 4–Line Deuces Wild requires a certain level of skill. It is similar to other video poker games such as Megajacks and 2 Ways Royal which are also available at Mansion Casino Canada. This means that unlike most multi-line online video poker games, you’ll need a strategy. The aim of the game is to make a winning combination with the 5 card hand that you are dealt. The twist in the game is that, unlike the original Deuces Wild video poker game, there are 4 lines of cards. Each line has a different deck of cards. And each line is treated as an independent hand when determining if there are any wins.

Play 4 Line Deuces Wild Video Poker Online

To start playing at Mansion Casino Canada, you must first select how much you’d like to wager. The Bet One button allows you to increase your wagered amount by one coin each time it is selected. Bet Max allows you to wager the maximum possible amount. You will then be dealt a hand consisting of five cards. After your cards are revealed, check to see if you have any winning combinations. If you don’t then you can select which cards you want to hold before selecting the deal button once again to get your discarded cards replaced. This occurs to all 4 hands.

Doubling Your Winnings

If you are dealt a winning hand, you can either accept your winnings and collect your money by selecting the Collect button or you can take a chance and try to double your bet. To do this, select the Double button. The dealer will then deal a face up card and four additional cards. You must select one of these cards. If the value of the card you selected is lower than the card selected by the dealer, you will lose your winnings. If the two cards are of equal value, it is called a tie and you can collect your money or try doubling your winnings once again. There is also an option to Double Half. This allows you to double your bet with only half of your winnings while depositing the rest in your online casino casino account

Winning Combinations

The Deuces or 2s are the wild card in this game and can be used as a substitute for any card to create a winning combination. Three of a kind or better can be a winning hand. There is a special payout for having Five of a kind, Four Deuces or a Wild Royal with Twos.

Plan your strategy well before you place your bets in 4-Line Deuces Wild. This is not just another video poker game that has no rhyme or reason to it. If you enjoy online casino games that tickle your brain just a little, this is a good option for you at our online casino. With four separate hands, you are increasing your chances of winning by four times. Those are fun odds to play with in any event! Just take note of the payout table in the section of the game area above the card area. This will let you exactly how much each winning hand will deliver when you win. Try this video poker and other exhilarating casino games on for size to find the one that suits you best. There's something for everyone at our top notch online casino, so log in today!