Play 50-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

In the beginning, there was one, and it was good…for a while. Then that wasn’t enough, so we went bigger and gave you four and the people were happy…for a while. When the people wanted more, we gave it them and we came forth with 10 lines, and it was good...for a while. It was said that no one could do better; we took that as a challenge. Well, we’ve gone and done it; make way for 50-Line Jacks or Better from our online casino, Mansion Casino Canada!

Play 50-Line Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

How To Win In 50-Line Jacks or Better

It may be almost dizzying to behold at first, but brace yourself and all will be made crystal clear to you. If you have played one, four or 10 lines of this online video poker version then you are well on your way to understanding 50-Line Jacks or Better. As with many online casino games of this sort, you are trying to build the best hand possible so that you can take home the biggest cash prize. Now that you have 50 lines to play, your chances of winning something on every round are almost guaranteed! Like any game of this type, the idea is to beat a pair of 10’s. If you can manage that, you will be given a chance to play a round in which you can double or ‘half double’ your winnings for the round. Once a card is revealed in this bonus round, you simply pick another card and hope that the face value is higher than the card that was already revealed. Did you win? Go ahead and do it again!

Playing 50-Line Jacks or Better

Just as you would expect from any option in this genre, in 50-Line Jacks or Better you will want to begin by choosing the value of your chips and then deciding how many of them to lay down on the line. Next you will be dealt five cards face up to start the round. Remember that since the object is to build any hand that will beat a pair of 10’s, you can rule out the lower value cards unless you have two pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, a full house or any other combo that would knock out those 10’s. Once you have decided what to hold on to, go ahead and deal again. Now sit back and watch as all 50 lines fill in and the winnings rack up!