Play All American Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

All American Video Poker is a classic variant which is based on traditional, widely played games such as Deuces Wild and Aces and Faces. All American online video poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. The game has no wild cards or bonus payouts. Players can change the number of coins that they wish to wager on each hand. They can also opt to play with the minimum amount of coins, valued at 0.025. They could also opt to play for the maximum coin value which is 5.00.

Play All American Video Poker Online

The payout for the full house, straight and flush is the same. It is lower for three of a kind and a two pair. Higher payouts are reserved for top value hands. To make your bet, you can increase and decrease the wagered amount by using the Bet One and Bet Max options. Bet One will allow you to increase your wager by one coin when selected. Bet Max will allow you to wager the maximum amount possible.

Doubling Up in All American Video Poker

If you succeed in getting a winning hand, you can choose to either accept your win and select Collect which will deposit your winnings into your Mansion Casino Canada casino account, or you can opt for the ‘Double’ feature. If you opt for this, the dealer will put a single card on the board, face up and then will select four cards which will also be put on the board, facing down.

You must select one of the four cards. If your card is higher than the one that the dealer chose, your winnings will be doubled. If not, you will lose all your money. All American video poker has another option – Double Half. You can wager half of your winnings while depositing the rest in your casino account.

Tips on All American Video Poker Strategy

If the hand you are dealt is not a paying one, you must work towards getting the best possible five card combination. Here are some of the combinations which will produce high results: Four of a kind, royal flush, straight flush, Four cards to a royal flush, Three of a kind, flush, full house and a straight, Four cards to a straight flush, Two pair, High pair.

As with all casino games it's helpful to know a few tips about All-American video poker before you start playing. Always hold onto a run that you are dealt. This is because, in video poker, when the discards are limited, it's easier to build up a pre-existing run than to shoot for a more profitable but less reliable hand. Low cards are best discarded unless they make up a solid straight or flush. Also always hold onto similar pairs, that is same suits or two of a kind, for a better chance it winning in these online casino games. Play all the variations that our casino online has to offer for a chance at winning big and having fun all at once. Sign up today; we're sure you'll be glad you did!