Play Caribbean Stud Poker Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of our favourite online video poker, and we’re not alone on this one. There are about a million users on our site that would agree! It’s a fun variety that people are constantly turning to, and once you start, you’ll be hooked too. Do you know how to play Caribbean Stud Poker? Well, there is no reason to sweat it because we can teach you how it works fast. Then you’ll be up and playing these fun online casino games in no time!

Play Caribbean Stud Video Poker Online

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

  • The first thing you need to do is place an ante bet. This can be pretty much whatever you want, the chip denominations are flexible, and the limits are inconsequential. Click on the different amounts to change the chip value, and then add as many as you like until you’ve reached your desired wager amount.
  • There is also a side wager available if you are interested. This will not have any bearing on the hand itself, though; the outcome of the hand will determine the value of the side bet.
  • Now the dealings begin; you’ll receive five, as will the dealer. All of the dealer hand is dealt face down, save one. Your hand is revealed, and it is with this information that you are going to have to try to create a winning hand.
  • Decide whether you are going to fold or raise. Folding means you forfeit, and the wager is lost. If you want to raise, you’ll need to put in more chips to double your bet.
  • Then the dealer’s hand is revealed, and the outcome is decided.

Tips For Playing Caribbean Stud Poker

Ready to give it a shot? Then let’s get started with your first round of Caribbean Stud Poker. Before you go, though, here are just two simple tips that will make playing much more profitable:

  • If you have a pair, you should already be raising. That is, a pair in hand or higher is a good enough combination for you to work with, and, therefore, you should take that bet instead of folding.
  • Conversely, if you see that you are holding a bust hand that contains less than a standard hand, which would allow the dealer to continue, you can assume that this hand will not be profitable. In this, case you are advised to fold. This will make a loss less damaging, and it will give you more bankroll and time to play another hand.

Using these two tricks alone won’t win you the jackpot every time, but it will definitely increase your odds of victory by a lot. Be sure to stop by our casino online today, and get your own slice of the action!