Play Tequila Poker Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Do you enjoy a good drinking sport as much as the next fellow? Sure you do, and that is why this next edition is going to really get you going. Tequila Poker takes the zing of that infamous alcoholic beverage, and douses your favourite gambling sport with a rich dose of the stuff! The combination is something intoxicating, to say the least, but you’ll have to come into the club to see for yourself. Check it out!

Play Tequila Video Poker Online

How to Play Tequila Poker

Just a quick disclaimer: Our online casinoMansion Casino Canada does not provide any alcohol when playing Tequila Poker. It’s more of a bring your own booze party, but we will supply the fun in spades! Now that that small detail is sorted out, we can get on with how to play and have a good time with this new version.

  • It starts out like any other round of this online video poker. You are going to be asked to place a wager. The wager can be anything you like within the wide parameters, so go for it.
  • Finished? Good. Now you can be dealt to. A hand of four is put out in the middle of the table for everyone to peruse. Like what you see? Then you can wager forward. If you aren’t so impressed with the hand, then you might want to consider folding on the spot. Read more about that option below.
  • If you do wish to continue, though, there are two betting options. There is the standard Tequila Poker wager and the High wager. The higher one lets you play using the actual face value of the hand. The other option goes according to the standard table of values.

Tequila Poker Tips

Check out these easy to live by tips for betting playing and more profitable fun:

  • Don’t bother going forward with anything less than a 35-point value hand. Chances of it panning out are so unreasonable, it’s not worth your investment. The same logic applies to a hand with no combos, not even a pair. Basically, if it’s not there, neither should you be.
  • On the other hand, with a 35-point score coming in on your initial deal, you have a pretty good chance of bringing home the gold. In this case, you can trust the probabilities to work for you, and betting the high option will most frequently prove to be profitable.

Playing casino games at our club has never been easier, and it’s a great way to have some fun whenever the mood strikes. So hurry in now!