Live Casino History

It is essential to put live casino history in perspective of the larger history of gambling. Gambling has been known to mankind since antiquity. There are records of gambling games in the Orient that date to hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. Organized public gambling developed in Europe around the sixteenth century. When the Europeans migrated to different parts of the world they took gambling with them. From time to time gambling has been outlawed but it has always bounced back.

With the spread of public use of the Internet in the early 1990s, online casino gambling was established. Other inputs were software technology, remote secure financial transactions and jurisdictional frameworks. Live dealer history originated in 2003 when the first live casinos were introduced.

History of Live Casino

Live dealer history records two reasons of dissatisfaction with online casinos that led to the development of live casinos. A section of players were uncomfortable with the random number generated outcomes in online casino games because they could not “see” the physical processes as they could in brick and mortar casinos. Also online casinos lacked the realism of brick and mortar casinos because the players was wagering against a faceless dealer. Live casinos overcame both these drawbacks.

In the initial period of live dealer history the live casinos suffered from technological limitations. Live casinos depend on video streaming of live action over the Internet. Initially, transmission speeds and capacities were low and this resulted in poor video quality at the players’ end. The images got pixelated or the video flow was jerky. But with the technological advances achieved in recent years, these problems have been solved. Live casinos are drawing more and more players, especially those who want to wager in a brick and mortar environment, but from home.

How to play live dealer games is not a problem because live dealer rules are the same as online casino rules.