How to Play Live Casino Games

Thanks to advances in technology and internet capabilities, as well as increased access and incredible stability, the newest kids on the block – live online casino games – are enjoying a wave of popularity previously unmatched in such a short space of time. Why? Because live games bring everything a real land-based casino can offer into the comfort of home and combine it with the best of what an online casino can offer; we’re talking a professional dealer, a wide variety of game options and variations, live video action, and some of the best possible games software, all rolled into one amazing internet casino experience. Games include live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat as well as other exciting options, and there are big payouts waiting to be won every game. It’s no wonder that in all live casino history, live games have never been so popular online.

Live Casino Games Rules and Bets

You can learn the relevant live casino rules  in-game, whichever option you choose to play. The rules section is comprehensive and clear, so a little bit of time is all that’s required to learn all you need to play. You place your wager using our software, just like any of our other 300+ casino games online. The main difference with our live casino is that the dealer will show your bets on a real betting table, then set the game in motion – whether it’s dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel. To place your bet, decide on your coin amount – you click on the chip pile to increase your bet or decrease it while clicking and holding the Shift key on your keyboard – then click on the wagering area of the table to indicate what bet you want to place. It’s that simple! The dealer receives all necessary info via live feed and knows exactly how you choose to play.

Tips for Live Casino Players

As live casino games are played for real money only, your best course of action is to plan how you want to use your bankroll. Think about wagering limits, table limits, how much you are happy to bet overall and what you intend to do with your winnings – play or keep? – and keep to your plan to get the most from your time spent playing. You can also make full use of the chat facility to make your game more realistic and immersive – chat to the dealer or other players for extra fun as you play to win real money. You can also extend your bankroll with a bonus if you wish, such as the Mansion Casino Welcome Bonus up to $/€5,000 Bonus offer to new players.