Live Casino Rules

Live dealer history originates only from 2003. Therefore there are very few live dealer casinos and our online casino is the leader. Players need not worry how to play live dealer games, especially if they are familiar with online casino games because the rules are the same. The following sections provide brief live casino rules.

Live Casino Rules for Roulette

The live dealer rules for roulette are the same as those for any form of roulette. After the player selects a table at the live casino he must place his wager before the croupier says “No more bets”. The losing bets are removed from the table. The winning bets are paid as per the standard roulette payout table. The player can then place bets for the next spin.

Live Casino Rules for Blackjack

The objective of blackjack is to get a hand value higher than that of the dealer but without going over 21. In order to achieve this, the player has to decide whether to hit (ask for another card) or stand (refuse another card). Moves like split and double also come into play. In addition to the live dealer rules the player must be versed with optimum strategy.

Live Casino Rules for Baccarat

In baccarat, the live dealer will deal the hands of the designated Player and the designated Banker. The players have to wager on which of these two hands will have the higher hand value. Players can even bet on the Dealer and the Player having a tie. They need not be aware of the live dealer rules for dealing the two hands. The live dealer takes care of that.

Live Casino Rules for Casino Hold’em

The live dealer rules for Casino Hold’em are similar to that of Texas Hold’em, except that the players are not competing with each other but individually with the dealer. If the player has a higher ranked hand than the dealer, he wins irrespective of what other players hold. The player has to use his pocket cards and three cards from the flop, turn and river to make his hand.