Live Casino History

Games are a national tradition, as sacred as any ritual or habit ever could be. That’s why they have lasted throughout the centuries and why they continue to evolve and develop full force. Our live casino is just another vibrant thread in the tapestry of gaming history, and we want to share a few interesting ideas that we thought you would enjoy knowing about the origins of some of your favorite casino games! Take a look at these tidbits before you dive into your next game (or after), and appreciate the crackerjack array of entertainment that is available to you today!

Fun Facts about Live Casino History

  • Baccarat was invented in the early 1400’s somewhere in the vicinity of France or Italy (historians are not completely sure which country the game originated in and which one just adopted the fun pastime soon after). Despite the exciting outcomes of the game, Baccarat took over five centuries to really become a commonplace gambling sport. Though there are no concrete ways to prove it, some people theorize that the intricate rules and strategies involved in Baccarat are what hampered its growth from the offset! Guess people got more patient or were just itching for a new variety to take a stab at!
  • Roulette is called this because of its own derivations. Coming from France, the game’s name actually means miniature wheel in French. So the tag is pretty fitting. Funnily enough, roulette was found out by mistake when a mathematician was trying to patent a perpetual motion machine instead. Think Dr. Pascal was disappointed? Well billions of gamblers later certainly aren’t!
  • Blackjack history may come from any number of countries, sources are divided. In England, there was a version called Twenty-one, with all the familiar rules of play. Spain also had a shot at the title, and a little known story of gambling friends corroborates the Spanish claim as rightful originators of the game.
  • Live casino games were made popular thanks to the advances in technology made a decade ago. With the introduction of live streaming, people were given the opportunity of a lifetime; to play in live casino games without leaving home! That is the greatest convenience of all, and our members take full advantage of it!

That’s the long and short of many of the most frequently played casino games at our online casino and live casino as well. So which will be your fancy today? Get in here now for the time of your life!

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