Using Moneta for Easy Transactions at Mansion Casino

Players can find a wide variety of payment methods on our site. These are fast and efficient ensuring a safe gaming experience for players.

Due to the ease with which transactions can be carried out, bank transfer has become a prominent method of making payments. There is a high demand of bank transfer as a payment method in the online casino industry. How does it work? A group of banks come together to create a technology that helps in unifying banking systems. With this technology, money transfers can be done conveniently.

Moneta at Mansion Casino

Moneta is a company focusing on bank transfers. It operates predominantly in Russia. In addition, Georgia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Maldova are also places recognizing this payment method. It is available for making withdrawals and deposits at Mansion Casino. Players from the countries mentioned above can use this payment system for making monetary transactions on our site.

How to use Moneta on our site?

All it takes is a few simple steps to fund your Mansion Casino account. Players can visit the cashier section of our website and select ‘Bank Transfer’ to do so. . Go to the deposit option and choose Moneta from an array of bank transfer methods offered. Withdrawal can be done in a similar manner on selecting the ‘withdrawal tab’ of cashier page.


Moneta has a simple system of operation. It doesn’t involve a third party for any transaction but creates a web-service which can be connected directly to your bank account. With a direct web service, transactions are pretty quick. Verifications and approvals being done fast, you receive payment confirmations instantly through this service. Most payment solutions take a while for the proceedings to be completed. This gives Moneta an edge over the other methods of funding your account.