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You can play French Roulette online with players from all over the world when you play Multiplayer French Roulette at Mansion Casino. Get to know your fellow punters through the interactive chat feature and you can all bet on the same spin. Just make sure you have your bets down before the timer runs out and the croupier drops the ball on the spinning French Roulette wheel.

Play Multiplayer French Roulette Online

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The great thing about playing Multiplayer French Roulette is that you can enjoy all the conveniences of an internet casino with the same excitement that is usually reserved for the land based casinos. Since this is a multiplayer game, it is only available in Real Money Mode. If you want to acclimate to the French bets and try it out first, you can start with single player French roulette in Practice Mode first.

There are several great features for you to enjoy when you play Multiplayer French Roulette, the first being that it’s a multiplayer game. Watching and chatting with other players from around the globe can give you insights and tips that you may not have thought about yourself.

There is a “More Bets” button on the screen – this will explain all the betting options and the odds/payouts that are available in French Roulette.

Finally there is the rebet, double bet, or bet again options available after each spin. This option means that you won’t have to remember how much money you bet and on which set of numbers. If you were happy with it either click on the rebet, or double bet if that is your strategy, and continue playing. If you didn’t like your wagers, just click bet again and start from scratch.

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To get started, simply open an account and make a deposit using our secure payment methods options. After the funds have been processed you can find Multiplayer French Roulette by downloading our online casino software in the online roulette section. You will receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $/€5,000 and this can be used when playing some of your favourite online casino games

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