Play Rocky Scratch Online at Mansion Casino

You have probably played a number of online scratch card games before, so they might seem like they’re all the same after a while. Well, we are here to tell you that not all scratch games were created equal, so head straight for the Mansion Casino gaming lobby because you are about to be blown away by one of the best selection of online casino games anywhere out there! Let’s kick off this adrenaline rush with one of the most thrilling games of all; Rocky Scratch off cards. Are you up to the heavy weight challenge? Let’s find out!

Play Rocky Scratch Online

How to Play Rocky Scratch

To start with, you’ll see the Italian Stallion standing guard, but you know he is always ready for a fight. Your cards are all ready to go. Just select a denomination, and you are in. Now Rocky Scratch cards have some super fun and interactive aspects to them. For one thing, you can choose who you will be fighting against, which is more than we can say for most boxing matches! The three main bad guys are up on the screen, and you can select which one you are in the mood of fighting today. Don’t worry, if you change your mind, there is always another round of fun waiting for you! Now, once you have selected your worthy opponent, your goal is to knock them out. If you manage to win the round, then comes our favourite part of all. Each knockout comes along with its own short animation of a real Rocky Balboa fight scene! It’s like reliving the movies with all the exhilarating action and tension that is built into every scene. Only now, you actually make money on the fights. Talk about a victory!

Play Rocky Scratch Now!

So whether you are into Mr. T (you know you like some Clubber Lang fighting action!), the towering Ivan Drago or the original Apollo Creed, you’re going to love knocking them down to the ground in this sensational online casino gambling experience! Are you ready to throw some sucker punches? Then let’s shake on it, and then jump into the ring for the most thrilling fight of all!