Play Santa Scratch Online at Mansion Casino

Is it that time of year again already? Well, if you are covered in three feet of snow, then it will come as no surprise to you to hear that Santa Clause is coming to town! Even if the skies and sidewalks are clear, though, you can still enjoy this saintly visit from everybody’s favourite Ho-Ho-Hoer just by playing our Santa Scratch off cards at Mansion Casion! There is some festive spirit in every card, and, who knows, maybe you’ll even make enough on this gamble to cover your holiday costs for this year. You never know, so why not give scratch card games online a try now!

Play Santa Scratch Online

The Santa Scratch offs have everything you could hope for in a winter wonderland theme. The frosty snowflakes depicted on the nine squares that make up the playing cards tell the tale perfectly. Then the candy canes, mistletoe and starry night sky only help to complete the picture. You’ve got colourful ornaments flanking the information sections and no one else but Kris Kringle riding alongside the board. With such a warm welcome, it’s almost a wonder that all that snow doesn’t just melt away (but then, that’s part of the miracle of Christmas, now isn’t it!)

How to Play Santa Scratch

All you need to do is buy a card, and the rest is up to the machines. Press play, and watch as the characters come alive on the screen before your eyes. If you want to take our suggestion, it is fun to try the auto play function. This feature isn’t just about giving your wrists a break; it also makes the online casino games more fun. There is just something uniquely entertaining watching card after card whizz by you in a flurry of faux foil front and holiday imagery.

Santa Scratch Icons

Speaking of holiday imagery, you’ll be seeing plenty of it on these cards. Look out for delectable gingerbread men, stockings stuffed with candies, adorable presents wrapped in bows, tree ornaments, magical snow globes, rosy-nosed Rudolphs bedecked tress and, of course, the man of the hour Santa Clause! This last one is the real winner because three of him in a row, and you’re looking at the grand prize. How much are we talking here? Well, each round has a different value that you can discover by uncovering the PRIZE box at the top of the playing card. So get playing at our online casino now, and happy holidays!