Play Spamalot Scratch Online at Mansion Casino

Monty Python fans the world over are going to love this next edition of our scratch card games online. The Spamalot Scratch offs feature some of the best characters from the sitcom, and every game is as entertaining as the original. Get ready to laugh out loud until you’ve got a stitch in your side thanks to this hilarious, quirky and oh so enjoyable online casino game from Mansion Casino!

Play Spamalot Scratch Online

How to Play Spamalot Scratch

The Spamalot Scratch cards are played off of a six-square grid. Before you begin, you’ll need to wager your chosen amount. So place the bet, and then uncover the prize card. This is the icon you want to find when scratching the entire Spamalot Scratch off card. If you do see a match, you win the card, and you’ll be rewarded with the prize amount!

Spamalot Scratch Card Icons

All the familiar characters are present during these rounds. The not so static background screen features King Arthur and his brave Knights of the Round Table crouching in the Holy Grail. These figures pop up and down periodically. There is also a flying turkey, which is only funny if you’ve seen this series before! An arm holds out the winning icon, and the instructions are clearly explained on the screen. Some of the icons you see will be:

  • The Lady of the Lake in a cute little evening gown. She’ll go through an entertaining show of more than you expect to see of her this game whenever you win with this icon!
  • Then there are the knights who say Ni. They’ll be singing a chorus of their famous line if they match the winning symbol.
  • The knight from None Shall Pass also shows his face, well, not literally of course, since he’s wearing that large metal helmet, but you know what we mean.
  • We wouldn’t want to forget the Killer Rabbit, now would we? His fuzzy and blood-shot eyes are featured along these cards as well.
  • There’s also the Holy Grail, King Arthur, and several of your other favourites from this great and witty classic.

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