Play The Mummy Scratch Online at Mansion Casino

Want something that has the authentic flavour of the ancient Egyptian culture without all the cheesy cartoon styling? Pharaoh’s Kingdom is a fun Egypt themed game, but it doesn’t have as much drama as some would like. The Mummy Scratch off cards, on the other hand, takes a page right out of the movie’s playbook, and delivers a sensational experience loaded with action, adventure and danger! If you are in the mood for a super charged betting frenzy, then get a load of our stupendous line up of online casino games now.

Play The Mummy Scratch Online

The Mummy Scratch Icons

The Mummy Scratch cards give you that true to life feeling, especially since the cards are filled with scenes and characters from the movie itself. There are all the familiar faces such as Rick O’Connell, played by the sandy-haired Brendan Fraser, the alluring Evelyn Carnahan, and, of course, the terrifying mummy who will fill you with horror and delight at the same time.

How to Play The Mummy Scratch

Playing The Mummy Scratch offs isn’t any trouble at all. In fact, you’ll learn the ropes so quickly, that you can start playing almost instantly. The game goes as follows:

  • Get a card to start playing. There are various denominations that you can pay for the cards, but they will all have the same icons on them. The one difference, other than the debit to your balance naturally, is the prize amounts that will populate the cards. In other words, if you are buying a higher priced card, then the prize amounts will also be of the higher range. The lower the card value, the lower the prize value as well. It just makes sense, now doesn’t it? If you are playing scratch card games online for free using our Free Mode, then by all means, buy the cards with the higher price tags. It’s always more fun to win 100 units over ten any day!
  • Cards purchased, you can press play to start your first The Mummy Scratch off round ever. Whether you choose to uncover each box individually or go for all of them at once is irrelevant. The winning matches are there from the start of the game. Did you get the right combination? Then you are the lucky winner, and you should keep going!

The Mummy Scratch off cards are almost as captivating as the film itself, so be sure and check out this fabulous gamble today at the greatest casino online around, Mansion Casino!