Play The 6 Million Dollar Man Scratch Online at Mansion Casino

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch offs have a futuristic flavour to every aspect of the game. The entire surface is pictured as a computer screen, with flashing lights and gauges ticking away. All the information tabs are decorated as meters or other digital data machines; everything adds up to the feeling of an advanced technological state, which is perfect for this sci-fi themed scratch card game online. The icons are also fitting for the theme, and they all correspond with the TV show idea as well. There are bionic hands and feet, laser eyes and other pieces to the puzzle that make up this strange and unusual superhero.

Play The 6 Million Dollar Man Scratch Online

How to Play The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch cards have a basic premise, even though the trappings are as high tech and complex as ever. You buy a card, match up the icons, and win the prize! Not that simple, really it is though. We’ll slow it down a notch just to let you hop on, and you’ll see how quickly you pick it up.

When you first load up the screen (after marveling at the whole design aspect, of course), you’ll be asked to buy a card. The amount of the card depends on you. When you purchase more expensive cards, you ensure that your winnings will be of the higher values rather than the low ball ones. That being said, if you are on a tight budget, don’t throw away the whole night on one steep price tag card! In this case, you want to take it slow, and there’s no shame in keeping things mild.

Win At The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Now

Once the card value is taken care of just press play. This will start the game, and you can scratch away one or all of the squares to find three matching symbols and win the round. Alternatively, our casino online offers an auto play feature. This allows gamers to play multiple cards in a quick succession. This is a lot of fun to watch, and it lets you play on hyper drive! Cross your fingers and hopefully you'll be the next online casino games winner of The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch today!