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Have you ever gone to a bingo hall and waited as all the balls slowly fell from the tumbling jar? Just waiting to hear “B 12” which allowed you fill out your bingo sheet and go home a winner?

Beetle Bingo Scratch incorporates a lot of that excitement, except you don’t have to leave home to play, and instead of hoping to fill out your sheet before anyone else, you just need to choose the right numbers to win.

Play Beetle Bingo Scratch Online

Beetle Bingo isn’t just a regular online scratch card game. There are fun animations and great sounds as the beetles are fighting to escape the jar and be chosen in this game.

How to Play Beetle Bingo Scratch at

Before you can start playing, download the online casino software and enjoy unparalleled instant access to all our online casino games. You’ll find Beetle Bingo located with the scratch card games.

Once the game loads, you can place your bet by selecting the card value. There is also an auto play option, which allows you to set a specific numbers of games to be automatically played.

If you want to play Beetle Bingo manually, you start by clicking on the shake button. This will shake up the jar that has all beetles in it. Once they are mixed up, 15 beetles will slowly crawl out of the jar onto the sidewalk. All of the beetles will have a number on their back and you can see how that corresponds to the bingo card on the right side of the screen.

In the middle of the screen is a card with three rows, and each of the rows has 5 leaves that are covering a number. You can ether start scratching off the leaves, or click “Scratch All” and the system will automatically clear the leaves for you.

You have three chances to win, all you need is for at least one of the rows to have 5 matching numbers to the numbers on the bugs back and you’re a winner.

Start Playing Beetle Bingo for Real Money at Today

Open an account and collect your Welcome Bonus of up to $/€5,000 and you’ll be ready to start playing this exciting scratch card game for real money. Beetle Bingo Scratch cards are filled with non-stop excitement and multiple chances to win. Don’t let these bugs crawl away; scratch off the leaves and see if you will be our next winner.