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Play Football Mania Scratch Online

Gone are the days when only professionals can win money for playing a sport they love. Now online casino punters can scratch their way to a big win.

You can try your luck on the scratch card pitch by downloading the internet casino software and purchasing Football Mania scratch cards. Set your bet and you’ll have six chances to win on every card.

Scratch Your Way to a Goal in Football Mania Scratch Cards at

Unlike most scratch card games, in Football Mania all it takes is one match and you’ll instantly win. The card has 7 soccer balls on it, one in the middle of the card and the other six on the right hand side. Scratch the main soccer ball off first to reveal what the potential prize will be.

Next you can scratch the six balls on the right and if any of them match the center ball, you’ll win. 

If you don’t want to do the scratching yourself, just set the game on autoplay and the system will automatically reveal the hidden values while you keep yourself busy with other things.

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