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If you’re a fan of scratch cards but have never played them on the internet in an online casino, then you’re in for a treat – and if you pick Kong the Eighth Wonder of the World, there’s a possible jackpot payout of $10,000! One of the lesser known scratch card online games we offer, Kong offers giant payouts to be claimed in a simple game format, suitable for all kinds of player and available around the clock for some big-time entertainment when you choose. Set on Skull Island in the jungle and centred around the antics of the iconic Kong character, expect exciting graphics and animated Hollywood movie clips, smooth software functionality and big potential wins as you scratch off the hidden symbols to reveal your prize.

Play Kong Scratch Online

Real Money Vs Free Kong Scratch Games

There are Kong games available in Practice Mode which, for those of you that are new to the term, is the name given to our online casino games that are played for free, no deposit required, using virtual casino chips for wagering and as payouts – in other words, your wagers and winnings are just virtual. The free games are instant, with no account needed either. But Real Money Mode is where the cash winnings action can be found; to play these games you only have to have an active account and some money in your bankroll, and you’re good to go! You wager your bankroll and in return receive real cash when you hit a winning match on the scratch card. When you win, you will also see mini-clips from the Kong movie for some extra entertainment.

How to Play Kong Scratch

To start, purchase your six-squared Kong scratch card by stating your wager value. Payouts are in the form of coins, so your prize will automatically increase when you set a higher wager and will decrease when you lower your wager. When your bet amount is fixed, you play. Look to the left of your screen to see the prize symbol; scratch this off to see what symbol you need to collect in return for a payout. Scratch the six symbols off the card, all at once or singularly, and reveal the hidden symbols. If you match, you win. You can also opt for AutoPlay and in this mode, you can preset your requirements for multiple games that play straight after each other. To do so, state your bet amount and how many cards you want to scratch then watch as our software completes your request for you.