Play Love Match Scratch Online at Mansion Casino

Everyone dreams of falling in love. It’s that magical feeling that can’t be compared to anything else, and it is something that will never be replaced or surpassed. When those bells go off and the fireworks start to explode, you know it’s real, and your dreams have finally been answered. Well, we’ve got two friendly little angels who are dying to make those wishes come true, and they’re being featured in their own scratch casino game online right now! Come play our Love Match Scratch offs at our online casino, and see if you can find your fortune through love!

Play Love Match Scratch Online

How to Play Love Match Scratch

The Love Match Scratch cards give you a delicious slice of romance. On each of these cards, you’ll find the same set up. The two chubby cherubs are floating languidly on either side of the card; the bright and cheerful logo is at the center. The cards themselves are made up of nine glowing hearted-bedecked cards, and all the colours and hues on the screen are soft and full of thoughts of love. Within each card, you’ll find nine icons. These could be any number of affectionate symbols such as love letters, chocolates, flowers, wine, balloons, hearts, kisses and more. There is no telling what combination of these icons you’ll find, but the seraphs are really what you want to look out for. That’s because these little angels are the ones who will deliver you the prize money! So keep your eyes to the stars, and keep hoping.

Winning Love Match Scratch

How much money you win each time will depend on two things; the first is how much the prize window reveals. This section is at the top of the card, sitting just under the logo. Scratch it off first so you know what you are playing for. In these online scratch card games, the values vary from round to round, and they are totally random, so don’t try to find a logic or strategy to follow. The other factor that determines how much you win is the amount the cards cost. If you pay ten units for a card, then you’ll receive up to 100k! If you play only one unit per card, the winnings will only be up to 10k. Choose the value that works for you and get ready to fall in love!