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Ancient Egypt was well known as one of the wealthiest countries during the early ages. It was ruled by the Pharaohs, who controlled all the nation’s money. Imagine if you could get just a taste of some of the gold and priceless jewels that is allegedly buried with them.

We aren’t suggesting going to the pyramids or trying to do a quick grab from King Tut’s tomb, we have a much easier way. Play the Pharaoh’s Kingdom scratch card online casino game and see if you can get a winning card. Sure, the money won’t actually come from Pharaoh or ancient Egypt, but you can tell your friends you got it from Pharaoh’s Kingdom.

Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Online

How to Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Cards at

The first thing you need in order to play Pharaoh’s Kingdom scratch card is to download the online casino software. This will allow you to get these Egyptian themed scratch cards directly from your computer.

Once you find the game, decide how much you want to wager on each card and you will receive your card, or cards depending on how many you want. The first thing you’ll notice is the Egyptian theme, with the Sphinx looming overhead and the game takes place in what appears to be Pharaoh’s throne room.

All you need to do in order to win is match one of the 6 icons on the left with the prize icon in the middle. Once you make your bet, the will reveal the prize icon, and then you can start scratching.

If you’d rather just watch the action unfold, activate the auto scratch feature and the game will do the scratching, while you enjoy any winnings that come from it.

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So take that trip back to ancient Egypt and see what awaits you when you play Pharaoh’s Kingdom at today!